Bay Equity Meets Implementation Deadlines & Streamlines QC Process


Founded in 2007 in Sausalito, California, Bay Equity Home Loans now has retail branches in 23 states and is licensed in 32 states. They average about 1100 units per month. Bay Equity has been ranked among the top 30 home mortgage companies in the country.


When Bay Equity’s senior management updated the company’s quality control (QC) operations, it opted to re-evaluate its technology. At the time, Bay Equity was using another provider’s QC technology. That technology, which was not a SaaS system, could not sustain the company’s complex usage.

Bay Equity’s QC team identified numerous issues with its existing system, whose antiquated structure put a significant strain on the department’s resources. Bay Equity’s primary challenges were:

  • Manual reporting: Bay Equity’s current system did not integrate with its LOS, so all information needed to be input manually to generate reports—a process that required senior QC staff to shut down for several days every month.
  • Lack of online connectivity: Bay Equity’s pre-funding and post-closing workflow was built on a manual process that used internal email and shared spreadsheets in order to share and convey information.
  • Slow configuration: Any changes, including fixes, to Bay Equity’s current system took two to five days, and the system offered zero self-configurability.

In addition to satisfying all of Bay Equity’s requirements, the new system needed to be quickly implemented with an efficient, proactive support team that would ensure the new technology was fully implemented and operational with onboarding complete within 45 days.


With the help of the ACES Client Success team, Bay Equity successfully implemented ACES Quality Management & Control® Software within its required 45-day timeframe and immediately began benefitting from the robust capabilities.

“It was a tall order to get everything up and running, configured, and have everyone trained within 45 days,” said Cyndi Clouse, AVP of Quality Control for Bay Equity.

“ACES' team was with us literally every step of the way. It’s a 180-degree difference from implementations where you can feel abandoned once you sign the contract.” — Cyndi Clouse, AVP of Quality Control

ACES’ SaaS platform provided Bay Equity with real-time connectivity and communication that connected its entire QC team, regardless of where they were located. ACES’ shared workflow platform enabled the company to forgo emails and spreadsheets as a means for transmitting information in its QC processes and instead resolved all exceptions on one platform for both pre-funding and post-closing reviews.

ACES also allowed Bay Equity to replace its previous time-consuming manual reporting process with fast, easy and customizable ways to generate reports. This allows the company to continue operations with no downtime and to easily access trending information so it can adjust processes and operations based on each month’s findings.

Plus, ACES is so configurable that Bay Equity can make those adjustments immediately, without even contacting ACES, thus shaving days off their reaction times.


ACES' Client Success team enabled Bay Equity to meet deadlines for launching its updated QC operations, and ACES allowed the company to establish and maintain a streamlined, productive, efficient workflow among all QC operations.

Thanks to ACES, Bay Equity has reduced the amount of time needed to handle and resolve exceptions and has cut the time to produce robust, custom reports from several days to less than one hour.

“Having everything in the same system makes a huge difference in speed and accuracy,” said Clouse. “There’s no challenging exchange of information, which results in lower risk.”

Bay Equity has been so impressed by ACES power and configurability that it is planning to expand its use of ACES in several other segments.

“We love that ACES’ configurability gives such versatility in the ways we can use the technology,” said Clouse.

“We’re looking forward to expanding use into our servicing QC audits and possibly within other Bay Equity departments.

“The possibilities are endless. ACES can make any process faster, more efficient, more compliant and reliable.” — Cyndi Clouse, AVP of Quality Control at Bay Equity

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