2020 HW Tech100 Mortgage winner: ARMCO

Expediting turn times and increasing reliability

Published March 02, 2020

by HousingWire staff

This year’s Tech100 Mortgage companies are pushing the digital mortgage beyond what was even possible several year ago. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and combining it with powerful data and insights, these companies are revolutionizing the mortgage lending process.

From servicing and secondary markets to application and marketing, these fintech companies are ensuring that no part of the mortgage process is left untouched, bringing the market one step closer to a true, end-to-end digital mortgage. Together, they are bringing the mortgage industry into the future.

ACES Audit Technology expedites turn times, increases reliability and imparts standardization, accountability and auditability in virtually any quality control process. It can be used across departments and silos, regardless of how nuanced the requirements or regulations are. ARMCO consolidated QC for mortgage and consumer lending into one central unit and reduced monthly reports for lenders from eight manually compiled reports to one interactive report.

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