Spring Your QC Forward or Fall Behind Fannie Mae’s New Requirements this September

MBA NewsLink | by Sharon Reichhardt of ACES Quality Management

Published April 10, 2023

Sharon Reichhardt is executive vice president of operations with ACES Quality Management, Denver. She brings more than three decades of industry experience to ACES. Reach her at sreichhardt@acesquality.com. To learn more about Fannie Mae’s changes, check out the latest ACES “QC Now” webinar, “Fundamental Changes to Fannie QC: Are You Prepared?

Originally known as “war time,” Daylight Savings Time was first instituted during World War I as a fuel saving measure and, as of 2005, officially occurs on the second Saturday in March. This spring, Fannie Mae announced changes to its selling guide that, once instituted, will spring lenders’ quality control (QC) and compliance departments forward. While the changes were announced on March 1, 2023, they aren’t slated to take effect until September 1 of this year, meaning lenders have nearly six months to update their compliance operations.

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